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Nadex Ecosystem
of blockchain earnings

We utilize the major sources of revenue in blockchain such as: Staking, Mining, Inter-exchange arbitrage and Trading. In the 21st century, digital assets are making a huge impact and opening dozens of doors for income sources.

We have selected the best high-yield tools for our ecosystem and made them as accessible as possible. A wide range of services for clients' needs. All the areas we have chosen and target capital growth in each of them.

  • High yield strategies
  • Strong protection of crypto assets

Our experienced professionals conduct qualified market research and guarantee excellent results.

The company has legal documents, licenses and certificates for commercial and financial activities.


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Nadex Ecosystem provides its clients with the opportunity to earn income without specialized knowledge in current blockchain areas, far surpassing even the most ambitious bank deposit offers.

For investors we provide a simple and convenient system for managing their investments: a wide range of blockchain destinations managed by professionals proven by time. Everyone can choose comfortable ways to generate profits.

Our mission

Developing and improving the effectiveness of software and strategies in the defined areas and making them accessible to all. In order to provide quality services, we are constantly working on improving our strategies and looking for new liquid financial instruments.

Our goal is to provide a quality and simplified service of interaction with blockchain directions to generate income from anywhere in the world, regardless of the state and knowledge of the client.

Nadex Features

Experience the unique benefits of Nadex, take advantage of new opportunities, invest and maximize your profits.

Professional team
The Nadex Ecosystem team consists of analysts, traders, miners and IT specialists.
Highest safety
Our server is protected by SSL encryption, state-of-the-art DDoS protection.
Customer centricity
A wide range of services will not leave indifferent a client from any part of the world.
Legal Company
Company has legal documents, licenses and certificates for financial activities.
Licensed Software
We use licensed software to ensure uninterrupted operation of the company.
Proven Strategy
Сompany's growth and stability in revenue generation has been worked out for years to come.
Сompany has real income generating instruments as well as reserves to cover all losses.
Our services are available to anyone over the age of 18 from anywhere in the world.

Nadex Roadmap

Experience the unique benefits of Nadex, take advantage of new opportunities, invest and maximize your profits.

Q1 2022
Company foundation and registration
Nadex Ecosystem was conceived from a passion for revolutionizing finance. As we prepared for UK incorporation, meticulous planning ensured legal compliance and commitment to transparency, setting the stage for trust-based financial management.
Q1-Q4 2022
After meticulous development, we're proud to unveil the finalized Nadex Ecosystem platform. Rigorous testing has confirmed its robustness, ensuring a seamless user experience. Get ready to embark on a journey of innovation and opportunity with us!
Q1 2023
Rebranding. Registration of the company MADDIO in Great Britain.
Q1-Q2 2023
Maddio Launch
MADDIO's entrance to the international market to attract customers from other countries.
Q3 2023
New Zealand
MADDIO company registration in New Zealand.
Q3-Q4 2023
NFT Store
Integration of OpenSea NFT store. Buying, selling, using NFT as avatar and cover.
Q4 2023
Conducting a parter meeting. Presentation of the MADDIO NFT Store in Great Britain, London.
Q1 2024
Maddio Swap
Development of our own AMM protocol based on the Uniswap model.

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